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The Rules A few strong instincts and a few plain rules suffice us

Why is scubbly so easy to use? Because it's simple. Why is it simple? Because there aren't many rules. But alas everything excellent has limitations. Scubbly's limits and rules are listed here.

Please read Scubbly's complete Terms of Service

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For buyers

  • Download period is 30 days

    When you purchase an item, it becomes available for download for 30 days. After 30 days if you want to download it again, you have to buy it again.

  • You may download more than once.

    Once you've bought an item, you can download it multiple times within the 30 day availability period.

  • Scubbly is a broker, not a vendor

    Scubbly hooks you up with the product and hosts the downloadables. Scubbly does not guarantee or warrantee the product you are buying. If you have problems with the transaction or product, use the feedback to contact the seller. If you discover that someone is selling illegal, pirated, malicious, or otherwise unacceptable goods, please report it.

  • Cart quantity is always one.

    You can't add the same thing to your cart more than once, or buy multiple copies of the same thing. That just wouldn't make sense.

  • Feedback only after purchase

    You can only leave feedback for an item if you have purchased it.

  • No feedback spamming

    You can only leave feedback for an item once, even if you have purchased it multiple times. But you can change your feedback later if your opinion of a product changes.

  • You can't buy your own files.

    If you're a seller, Scubbly won't let you add your own stuff to your cart.

  • Download Responsibly.

    Scubbly scans products for viruses shortly after they are uploaded, but we can't offer any guarantee that the product is safe. Look for the "Virus Free" badge on the product details page. Download at your own risk. Look at the feedback and comments before downloading anything, and use a commercial virus scanner to protect your computer from malicious software and media.

  • Scubbly doesn't store your credit card.

    Financial transactions on Scubbly are handled by 3rd party financial partners. At no time does Scubbly have access to your credit card number or PINs.

  • Authentication

    Registration involves verification using your email address. Some features of Scubbly are only available to people who have registered and signed in.

  • Refunds

    If you are dissatisfied with a product you have purchased, contact the seller to resolve the problem. Sellers are expected to provide support for the products they sell. Refunds are granted by Scubbly at the discretion of the seller, within 7 days of purchase, in cases where the problem could not be solved.

For sellers

  • No freebies

    Scubbly does not allow free downloads. When adding a new item, you must enter a price, and the minimum price is $0.50

  • You don't get to download your own files.

    This rule is set to prevent others from abusing Scubbly's bandwidth by using it as a backup service. Please keep your own copy of your files. Once your file is in our storage cloud, it's there for paying customers to download.

  • Very large things aren't free.

    The uploader on the website has a file size limit of 60 MB. If you have a feature-length movie, a gargantuan dataset or a large ZIP for sale, you need to contact Scubbly to arrange for your product to be added manually. Oversized products are charged a nominal oversize fee to cover storage and data transfer costs.

  • There is a storage limit

    It's not enforced right now, but Scubbly does have a storage limit of 1Gb per user. If your store gets bigger than that, someone will contact you and we'll deal with it. There will be an extra charge, but we're talking about pennies per MB per month. No big deal.

  • Scubbly doesn't handle recurring licenses

    Issuing recurring licenses for software downloads is beyond the scope of this service. Scubbly products are bought once, and paid for once.

  • Zipping is a good idea

    Gone are the days when you needed extra software to unzip a compressed archive. It's built in to the OS now. So, zip away! It makes your files smaller and faster to up/download, and saves storage space in our cloud.

  • Profit is held for 60 days

    Within 60 days, a buyer at PayPal can cancel a payment at their discretion. Scubbly holds your earnings for 60 days until all payments clear.

  • Take care of your business

    Scubbly is only an e-commerce fulfillment service. We don't offer customer service for using your products, and we don't offer legal advice or cover your tax obligations.

  • Developer API

    Scubbly's API is not yet active. The Scubbly API will allow you to develop applications that interact with Scubbly's services. If you are interested in using a Scubbly API, contact us.

  • Twenty Tags is Plenty

    An item can be tagged with twenty words or phrases. If more than twenty are desired, perhaps those words could be incorporated into the product's description.

  • Tag Brevity

    Tags must be 50 characters or less.

  • Store Name

    To sell items, you need to choose a name for your "store", and it must be unique. Once a store name is chosen, it can not be changed.

For affiliates

  • Cookie expiry

    Cookies with your affiliate ID in them will last for 30 days. Affiliate cookies may be deleted or overwritten and are never guaranteed to still be present in the user's browser when a purchase is made.

  • Time of attribution

    The affiliate revenue from a sale is calculated at the time of checkout, not when the cookie is written. When a potential buyer lands on Scubbly with an affid attached, the only data stored is the affid written as a cookie in the buyer's browser. A seller may change the affiliate commission amounts at any time, so the amount promised when a campaign is executed may not be the same by the time a buyer purchases their cart. Therefore it is advantageous for affiliates to send traffic that converts, not lurks.