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The fees at Scubbly are simple. Adding a new item is free. When someone buys an item from you, Scubbly keeps 9% of the sale price plus $0.35. You keep 91%, minus $0.35.

All of these fees are summarized on the product edit page, summarized so you can set your price high enough to account for them.

Why does Scubbly take 9%?
To cover the costs of running this website, bandwidth, administration, maintaining our data storage cloud, etc.
Why does Scubbly take $0.35?
Because that's the amount that Paypal charges Scubbly to handle the financial transaction


Price: Buyer Pays: Scubbly takes: * Seller earns:

* Oversize fees and Affiliate Commissions not shown

Do these fees feel low to you? In fact, they are. Scubbly charges significantly less per transaction than most other e-commerce platforms. Compare for yourself!

Scubbly's fees include all the banking transaction fees. No surprises!

Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate commissions aren't a "fee", but they're worth mentioning here. Participation in Scubbly's affiliate program is 100% voluntary, and customizable. You choose how much of your profit to give away as a sales commission, as a flat fee plus a percentage of sale. Affiliate commissions are deducted from the seller's profit after Scubbly's fees are deducted. Learn more about Scubbly's affiliate program.


Buyers pay Scubbly directly for all the items in their cart. Then for each item sold, the revenue you earn is held in your account.


Rather than remit the revenue immediately via expensive micropayments, Scubbly pays sellers at the beginning of each month, for all sellers with an available balance exceeding $50.00. All financial transactions on Scubbly are handled by PayPal.

International Currency Conversion Fee

Scubbly charges an extra amount for purchases made by buyers from outside the United States, to cover the currency conversion fees. Purchases made by international buyers are charged an additional 4% of the total purchase price.

Fraud protection clearance

Due to an exploitive rule at PayPal, payments for your products may be "reversed" by a buyer, up to 60 days after purchase, with no arbitration. Consequently, all purchases have a 60 day "clearance" period, where the amount will appear in your balance, but it will not be available for a payout.

So, the money generated by a sale will appear in your account immediately, but can not be "withdrawn" until the next payout after 60 days have passed from the time of purchase.

Monthly storage fees

Scubbly charges a tiny monthly storage fee of $0.03 per 100MB or part thereof, for the files stored in our cloud. Fees are charged on the first day of each month, before any monthly payouts are processed. Scubbly will not send you an invoice for a few cents. Instead, the monthly storage fee will be subtracted from your payout so it can all be done in one efficient transaction. Partial months (for instance if a product is added mid-month) are charged as a full month.

Data Transfer Fee

Only for products that are larger than 60MB: $0.02 per 100MB or part thereof. This is charged every time a product is sold, to cover the bandwidth and data transfer cost of downloading the product.

The above fees do mean that sellers will be able to accrue a negative balance in their account, indicating that they owe money to Scubbly. This seems contrary to our "no risk" policy, but it is expected that sellers will set their prices with this in mind, so that the revenue generated from selling products will compensate for the fees being charged.

If Scubbly notices that you maintain a negative balance in your account for an extended period, we will contact you to pay the bill, or counsel you in adjusting your product line so that your fees do not cost more than your revenue.


Refunds for dissatisfied buyers are offered at the discretion of the seller, within 7 days of purchase. It is expected that sellers will provide service for their own products. In the event of a refund, the seller may contact Scubbly to issue a refund. Scubbly will return the total purchase price to the buyer, and debit the full purchase price from the seller's account. Scubbly fees charged at the time of sale are not reimbursed.

* for products less than 60MB. see oversize fees.

for the purposes of fee calculation, one MB is defined as 1000000 bytes, not 2^10 bytes