New Feature: Gift Options!

Launched quietly last week with no fanfare, Scubbly now has a pretty neat new feature for giving a product as a gift. Allow me to explain.

The gifting options at Scubbly are a little different from other online stores, in a way that I think you’ll enjoy, because it’s so easy and flexible.

To give a Scubbly product as a gift, buy the product as usual. Put it in your cart, and check out with PayPal. As with any other Scubbly purchase, you’ll get an email with the download instructions. The email contains your “download token”, which works the same as it always has – click on it, and you’ll arrive at the product download page.

HERE is where you’ll notice something new:

There’s a cool blue button labeled “Click here for gift options”. Go ahead – click it! When you do, this is what pops up:

That’s the new stuff right there. Your purchase generated a “download token” for you, and it also generated a “gift code” – for you to give away. But here’s the important thing: YOU CAN USE ONE OR THE OTHER. NOT BOTH.

If you click “Download” and try to get the product for yourself, the Gift Code will stop working! Likewise, when your recipient uses the Gift Code, your Download Token will cease to work.


So, say you bought a set of knitting patterns for your sister. Find the patterns on Scubbly, buy them, and you get the Download Token by email. From this point, you have many options of how you deliver them:

1) Print’em and Wrap’em.
Use the Download button, and download the patterns. The Gift Code will cease to work. Print the patterns out on some nice paper, put them in a binder, and box them up with a few skeins of wool. DONE LIKE DINNER.

2) Download them and send them as digital files.
You’re a really awesome sibling and you bought your sister a Kobo e-reader, and you upload the knitting patterns onto that before gifting it. LIKE A BOSS.

3) Put the Gift Code, as a link, in an email
But don’t just send it as a link by itself, write something nice. Put some thought into that. Your sister will click the link, and download the patterns herself. KUDOS EARNED.

4) Use that Gift Code in a greeting card
Take that code and print it on a greeting card. Sign that thing. Your sister will need to visit Scubbly’s gift redeeming page and type that code in, but when she does? GIFT ACHIEVEMENT: UNLOCKED.

Whereas Download tokens have an expiry of 30 days, Gift codes last for a full year. You’ll need to retrieve the code within 30 days after buying, but if your sister’s birthday isn’t until April, you’re good. It will work.

I hope you enjoy these new features!


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