Payout for March 1, 2015

The biggest payout ever! Today Scubbly paid out for sales made before the 60-day clearance period, which means we’re finally getting paid for all those Christmas purchases. Hooray!

Worth noting: After being announced two months ago – and then the one free month with no storage fees – today is the first time that the new storage fee policy was applied. Each seller who has more than 60MB of files in their space will be dinged with a few pennies per hundred megabytes. For most of you it will make no difference at all, for some you might see that the charge was a few cents more or less than usual.

One consequence of the policy change is that right now there are hundreds of accounts that have a negative balance, for the first time ever. These are “dormant” stores set up by people who uploaded a pile of little files, never did any marketing, have not made any sales, have no profit, and were – for the first time today – charged $0.03 or $0.06 this month for their storage. As a result, all those accounts are showing a balance that is a few cents “in the red”.

To those who are currently holding a negative balance – don’t fret! Scubbly is not going to make you pay back a few cents; it’s not worth it. Concentrate on marketing your product, and make some sales. The profit from even a single sale is usually more than enough to cover a few pennies of storage cost.

Accounts that maintain a negative balance for a long time will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If an account has no active products and no profit, but is accumulating storage fees, we’ll contact the seller to discuss the situation. If a seller doesn’t respond to repeated attempts to contact them, we might shut down the account and delete the files.

Congratulations to all the sellers who earned a payout today. Keep up the good work!


  1. Cistal DeAtley says:

    How did you get the right to sell my family’s coat of arms?

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