Feature changes: getting rid of “messages”

As Scubbly was being designed, we envisioned an integrated messaging system that allowed buyers and sellers to interact. This manifested as the messaging system, which you can access by clicking the speech bubble icon in the top navigation bar.

It works, and it’s robust and well-constructed… but to be frank, no one is using it. In the entire history of Scubbly since 2009, there have only been 216 messages sent. Total. And 109 of those are messages from a Scubbly Administrator to a seller.

No one’s using it. So it’s on the chopping block in the next version of Scubbly’s bespoke software.

Why is it not being used? There is one overwhelming reason we can see from analyzing traffic patterns on the site:

To send a message, you need to be logged in. Well, in the initial version of Scubbly you had to be logged in to BUY anything, so it was already convenient for someone to be authenticated in order to start a conversation. But last year we enhanced Scubbly with “Instant Purchase” and now – no exaggeration – 95% of all purchases are made by non-authenticated buyers. We can see that many people who click the “Contact this seller” link on an item detail page go “back” when they see the prompt to register or log in.

So here’s what’s going to change.

The current messaging system, with the conversation view and all, will be gone. The speech bubble icon in the navigation bar will also disappear.

In its place, will be a single “send a message” form, which will allow a potential buyer to send an email message to a seller. As a seller, instead of receiving a notification from Scubbly that a message is waiting, you will receive the message itself, to which you may reply directly to the potential buyer.

This change will be finished in the next 2 weeks. If you have messages in the messaging area you would like to keep, please go and get them now since all the old messages will be deleted soon



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