payout: February 1, 2012

Hi everyone!

The Feb 1 payout just went out moments ago. Congratulations to all the sellers who achieved impressive numbers this month.

January was an eventful month, for sure… Most notably the massive hardware problems mid-month. After a sleepless 40 hours of restoring the basic service, there were days of forensic accounting, laboriously reconstructing “reconcile” transactions from the raw PayPal transaction logs… In total, the site was down for nearly 20 hours, and only partially in service for about 5 of those. Big thanks again to the crew at RackSpace for getting us set up on the new servers relatively quick.

And yet, despite the downtime, January was Scubbly’s highest payout month ever, with more sellers edging over the $50 payout threshold than any previous month!

What lesson did we learn? DON’T keep your all your data backups in the same server farm as the databases you’re backing up. If something happens to wipe out the whole rack, well… Let’s just say that’s not a lesson we’ll need to learn twice.

Now we have “paranoid level” backup strategies in place: daily Linux imaging, along with frequent data dumps being copied out to a remote & secure storage service. We also have “panic logs” being replicated out from the main server to machines here in the office. We’re also budgeting to add some redundant server resources so our databases will form a cluster array, guaranteeing greater stability and failure-resistance. That will likely be set up some time in 2013.

Now we’re back to working on some new features. Here’s some of what you’ll see in 2012:

  • A Dutch translation of the whole site, opening up selling opportunities in the Dutch market.
  • New Widgets – significantly enhanced and beautifully architected (unlike the ugly ones we have now).
  • Embeddable shopping – put a cart on your own website, with no JavaScript, and no programming of any kind. It’s revolutionary.
  • “White-label” experience: giving you easy tools to sell from your own website without anyone ever visiting
  • Unauthenticated messaging: letting potential buyers contact a seller without having to create an account. We will be filtering spam, of course.
  • … and more!

If you have any suggestions how to make Scubbly better, drop us a note.


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