Payout: June 1, 2011

Another payout went out last night, to all sellers and affiliates who had more than $50 in their balance. Congratulations to everyone who is using Scubbly profitably!

Something I notice month after month, is that the sellers who earn a payout do so consistently, month after month. Once a seller establishes a pattern of attracting buyers, they do so every month consistently. There are almost no sellers who experience “ups and downs”, earning a payout one month but not the next.

Those that do experience ups and downs are selling particularly “seasonal” products, which is understandable. One such seller (not mentioning names) has but one product, and it’s materials for a course they teach. So naturally at the beginning of a term, there’s a flood of sales as the students get their materials, but then sales stop abruptly until the following semester begins. That’s not the pattern I’m talking about.

Those that don’t earn a payout (not making sales) typically have completely idle accounts, their products lie silently and unnoticed on Scubbly’s distribution servers, taking up space. While there’s nothing catastrophic about that, it certainly isn’t ideal. If you’re putting a product up for sale on Scubbly, wouldn’t you want to earn income from it?

The difference between the successful and unsuccessful sellers is a simple one. The successful sellers are marketing their products. Some have well-established websites using Scubbly’s Widgets and Instant Links. Others have developed direct-links to their Scubbly products on forums, blogs, wikis, and special interest groups. Some use PPC advertising, banner ads, and other online marketing platforms. And I know of several who do face-to-face marketing at conferences, speaking engagements, and the like, sending people to Scubbly to buy their products.

If you didn’t earn a payout this month, ask yourself why. Are you doing anything to bring your products and potential buyers together?


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