Hardware upgrade and other news

Sometimes it’s nice just to let others know what’s going on here, even if it has no obvious consequence.

Scubbly is currently being tested on a new rack of servers, optimized for increased space, faster processing, and massively improved service.

You probably haven’t noticed that anything is wrong. Well, nothing is wrong. Scubbly is working great, it’s been reliable, fast, and problems have been seldom (knock on wood!). But as the service grows, we can see there’s a ceiling, and we’re eventually going to hit it. So we’re taking preventative action now, moving Scubbly over to some bigger better faster hardware, so service can continue to be reliable and uninterrupted for many (we hope) many years into the future.

Our secure storage and distribution cloud – where all your binary downloadable products are stored – is not changing; it’s already a triple-redundant distributed network of storage clusters with stellar architecture and near-perfect reliability. What we’re upgrading are the web servers – those tireless machines that deliver the Web interface that you enjoy so much; the forms, the store pages, and even this blog.

This hardware upgrade also makes it possible for us to work on some new features that were not possible on the older machines. One of them that’s about half way done now is bulk uploading – allowing you to upload giant piles of products all at once via FTP, then queue them for processing via our web interface. It’s a big project, prototypes are working quite well, and we’re excited to see that one go out the door some time this summer.

The other major – and related – feature that many have asked for is self-serve uploading of oversized products. This will also be done via FTP into a “triage” storage space, and you’ll use the same web interface to process those files and turn them into Scubbly products. That feature will take a little longer to complete; we’re hoping for early autumn 2011 for that.

Oh. thanks to those of you – sellers – who have taken our survey. So far the majority of you say that the feature you want enhanced the most is a better selection of widgets. Well, we’re going to do one better than that – once all this hardware upgrading is done, we’re going to overhaul the whole widget architecture and create some tools you can use to embed “Instant Buy” links onto your pages without being confined by the preset widget designs. That will be cool.

Have you tried using “Instant Links” yet? That was a feature suggested by one of our newest sellers – and what a great feature it is! If you have any new feature ideas, send them to us!




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