New Feature: Instant Links

Another new feature was launched today on Scubbly: we call them “Instant links”.

Many sellers have been using Scubbly’s widgets to embed “Instant Buy” opportunities into their own sites. It’s a great way to market your products, and integrate Scubbly’s services into your website, blog, etc. “Instant links” are a new way to do the same thing, but they’re much more flexible – they’re a simple URL, you just link to it, and you can style your links any way you like.

To create an Instant Link, go to any “item detail” page on Scubbly. For example, this one:

Then to the end of the URL, add “instantlink/”, like this:

Go ahead! Click it!

When a visitor follows that link, they’ll land on a Scubbly page where the shopping cart is assembled, then submitted to PayPal. The visitor is then redirected to PayPal, just as they would if they clicked the “Instant Download” button on one of Scubbly’s pages. It’s actually just like the “Instant Download” button on the item detail pages, but it clicks itself.

The Instant links accept an affiliate ID, just like every other Scubbly URL:

…and they work in all the currently supported languages: English, French, and Spanish.



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