April 2011

New Feature: Instant Links

Another new feature was launched today on Scubbly: we call them “Instant links”.

Many sellers have been using Scubbly’s widgets to embed “Instant Buy” opportunities into their own sites. It’s a great way to market your products, and integrate Scubbly’s services into your website, blog, etc. “Instant links” are a new way to do the same thing, but they’re much more flexible – they’re a simple URL, you just link to it, and you can style your links any way you like.

To create an Instant Link, go to any “item detail” page on Scubbly. For example, this one:


Then to the end of the URL, add “instantlink/”, like this:


Go ahead! Click it!

When a visitor follows that link, they’ll land on a Scubbly page where the shopping cart is assembled, then submitted to PayPal. The visitor is then redirected to PayPal, just as they would if they clicked the “Instant Download” button on one of Scubbly’s pages. It’s actually just like the “Instant Download” button on the item detail pages, but it clicks itself.

The Instant links accept an affiliate ID, just like every other Scubbly URL:


…and they work in all the currently supported languages: English, French, and Spanish.


New Feature: changing your email address

Because your email address is used for logging in, and for all notification emails, Scubbly’s initial design made it immutable: you weren’t allowed to change it. Once you create an account and verify your email address, that was your address. Forever.

Well not any more. Now you can change your email address.

The catch: you need to be logged in using your old address in order to do it.

The new feature appears in the “Account” section, under the “Profile” tab.

Payout: April 1, 2011

Hi folks,

The April 1 payout went out early Friday morning. Congratulations to all the sellers who once again increased their revenue compared to the previous month!

Sellers who received a payout may have noticed that the email notification from PayPal had a different style from usual. That’s because we’ve built an automated tool to do bulk payment processing. Before, we’d send each one individually, sometimes with a little personal message, and it took several hours to get through them all. Now it takes about 3 minutes. So, I’m sorry if this month’s payout seemed impersonal. It’s one of those things that needed to happen.

As a platform, Scubbly is growing in popularity, and concurrently its software is maturing. Just a few days ago, one of our sellers reported a bug – and it was fixed within the hour. We’re fervently grateful to people who report problems; this one was a problem that would have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for the unique circumstances that made it apparent to that seller. Thank you!

We’re intensely busy here at Scubbly, preparing for another Major Launch: there’s a major new feature that many have requested, which has to do with bulk product uploading and self-serve uploading of oversized files. However we’ve discovered early in the prototyping phase that in order to provide that feature, Scubbly needs to move itself to a new pile of hardware.

This is not a trivial move; Scubbly has iron-clad security and lightning speed, due in no small part to the way it was built carefully one component at a time with exquisite attention to those priorities. Moving to new hardware means all those details need to be revisited one component at a time, and reassembled into a working platform that looks and acts just like the original. It may take many months for it all to come together, but trust me it will be worth the effort!