January 2011

new feature: Re-uploading & replacing

I just launched an awesome new feature.  It’s a “re-upload” feature for sellers.

Say you have a product, an e-book, and someone bought it. The next day, they report a serious spelling error on page 20. Easy to fix -  you open the original authored document, fix the mistake, and re-export as a PDF.

But then, you would like to replace the one on Scubbly with this new version, right? Before today, you would have had to delete the old product, click “Sell”, click “Add a new product”, upload the file, and re-enter all the same informaton: price, description, tags, upload the images…

Not any more!

Now you can replace the binary for a product with a new one. It’s easy. The edit interface has been rearranged, it’s laid out better now. Right at the top is the “Product” section, and a clear link that says “Upload a new version”.

Choose the new file from your local computer, and start the upload. When it’s done, your new file will be staged in Scubbly’s “triage” storage – a temporary & secure space for uploaded files. From there, it must be “processed”, which takes anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds (depending on the size of the file).  Once processing is complete, you are then prompted if you want to replace the current file with the new one.

If you click “OK”, then the new file replaces the old one, instantly. The change is immediate and irreversible; the old file is deleted.

I hope you enjoy this new feature, and use it wisely. This feature was a long time in the making – development for it was begun in August 2010 ! In order to offer this feature, we needed major changes to Scubbly’s file storage architecture — changes which will enable some other planned enhancements you’ll hear about in February and March. Watch for the next one – product cloning – very soon.


Payout: January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

The payout for sales made in December was processed earlier this morning. Congratulations to all the sellers who made excellent numbers this month! Once again, it is apparent when payout day comes which sellers are actively marketing their products, and which are merely letting them sit unnoticed and unfound in their Scubbly store. Marketing is important!

Some of the successful sellers have produced a website (or many websites!) devoted to their niche where they can concentrate their SEO efforts, and use Scubbly’s widgets to complete sales. This tactic is proving to be very effective – evidently – as some of the top selling products on Scubbly are supported that way.

Building links from other sites to Scubbly’s product details pages is also a great idea. At least one seller I’ve noticed has prominent links from several relevant Wikipedia articles, which continue to be high-traffic sources for his products. Though I cannot endorse promotional marketing campaigns via Wikipedia (they usually get edited out), if the links are relevant and pass the scrutiny of their editorial gestapo, it’s a major win.

And some sellers are achieving excellent results using Scubbly’s affiliate program – a lazy and smart way to get others to do fantastic marketing on your behalf. Of all the methods available, fostering a healthy affiliate market for your products is the easiest win.

One last note: traffic through the Spanish version of Scubbly is slowly picking up. There are a few Spanish-language products being offered already, and so far the response to them has been excellent!

Wishing you health and properity in 2011,
Ian Ring
CEO, Scubbly.com