October 14, 2010

Blog restyling

Some effort was put in the past few days getting this blog looking nice. It looked pretty nasty before, with the weird alignment and the footer misplaced into the rightmost column. Well, it looks much better now, using Scubbly’s standard header and consistent styling for titles and headings. What do you think?

Bug Fix

A reported bug concerning “no payment purchases” has been fixed. A “no payment purchase” is the process when a buyer has an account balance at Scubbly which exceeds the price of the items they are buying. In such a case, Scubbly always uses the buyer’s balance to pay for the item, so no financial transaction through PayPal is needed.

At the end of such a purchase, the product name was omitted from the confirmation email – this was the result of some recent data architecture work which will (soon) allow sellers to describe their products in multiple languages. Though the facility to do this is not yet ready, the underlying data architecture already supports it, and it manifested as a bug in the “no payment purchase” process.

The bug is fixed & all systems at Scubbly are behaving normally again.

The same error was happening temporarily on the home page, where products added in the last 2 days that were featured as “Most Popular” were also missing the product name. This was also quickly fixed.

Please, if you do encounter any problems at Scubbly, report it using our contact form. Your feedback is important!