Security and Speed

A 4-day effort culminated last night with massive changes to Scubbly’s undercarriage, to improve security. Was Scubbly insecure before? No, Scubbly was built from the ground up with security in mind, and everything was already tight. So the changes made last night didn’t really make Scubbly more secure. What it did was make it easier for us to make sure that it was secure. Does that make sense?

As a pleasant side-effect, page requests are a tiny bit faster too. Not a lot faster. In fact it’s only a few hundred milliseconds (average), so you won’t even notice – but from our perspective it’s a pleasant and unexpected improvement.

All the massive enhancement projects for Scubbly 2010 – some of which you wouldn’t even notice – are actually nearing completion. We started 2010 with a huge list of features and enhancements that were needed, and it feels nice to see some of them completely checked off the list, and others at 90% – 95% done. Yay!

This means in the last quarter of 2010 we’ll be able to concentrate more on surface details – improving the UI, adding features, marketing, and perhaps getting started on some new translations into languages like Dutch, Chinese, etc.

Do you have suggestions for improving Scubbly? Respond in the comments!


  1. Kevin Hewitt says:

    Yes, I’d like some way that I can contact the seller of a product without having to be logged in with an account.

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