Latest enhancement: No more language confusion

Hi folks,

In the latest update to Scubbly’s software, we fixed one of the language issues.

Before, if someone was browsing and purchased something via http//, they would complete the transaction and get their notification email in Spanish. All good. However, because the transaction was in Spanish, the seller would also get their email in Spanish. This, I can empathize, was awkward for sellers appealing to multilingual buyers.

Now all emails are sent out using your “Preferred Language” setting, which you can set by logging in, then clicking “Account”, then “Profile”. For all existing users, this has been set to English. If you prefer your notification emails in French or Spanish, go in and change it.

The next enhancement we’re working on is the ability to describe & name your products in multiple languages, so that the correct language appears to the appropriate users. This will benefit both useability for multilingual buyers, and it’ll be good for search engine optimization.


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