October 1, 2010

Blog styling, and i18n

I realize that the blog looks kind of stupid right now, with just the logo on top and the footer kind of squished over to the right margin. Things have been so busy lately, I tossed up this blog and got it working functionally, but I haven’t taken the time to style it properly.

But you can still read it and that’s what really matters, right?

Behind the scenes, the emphasis lately has been on improving Scubbly’s internationalization (aka “i18n”) and translation issues. Though the Spanish and French versions of Scubbly were launched many weeks ago, there are still phrases in the interface with awkward grammar, and issues with the delivery of the proper language content when a seller and buyer have different language preferences… and SOON you will be able to add multiple translations of your product descriptions, so they appeal to buyers at http://es.scubbly.com and http://fr.scubbly.com .

So, the blog styling can wait… for a while…

But thanks for reading! Excuse our dust!

Payout: October 1, 2010

I just completed the payout for October 1, 2010 to all sellers, affiliates, and partners who have more then $50 in their account. Congratulations everyone for another great month!

Very few of Scubbly’s sellers are earning what you’d call a decent living wage, selling their downloadable products. I realize that for most of you, Scubbly provides just a little extra every month, a few drops of financial lubricant in your coffers. Letting a product sit in Scubbly and collect occasional sales is a great low-maintenance low-volume stream of income.

But those who do earn a high monthly payout – and you know who you are – stand apart because they actively market their products via various channels, sending visitors to Scubbly for product fulfilment.

Some of you are making great use of Scubbly’s widgets, too.

What are you doing to increase your sales month over month?