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Becoming a Scubbly affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is simple. The first step is to Log in. Do that now.

Earning as an affiliate

When sellers list a product for sale, they have the option of giving a commission to affiliate marketers who drive buyers to their products. This is a win-win for sellers and affiliates; the affiliate marketer earns a commission for setting up the sale, and the seller gets buyers that they might not have otherwise attracted. The amount of the affiliate earnings is set by the seller, as a flat rate, plus a percentage. This amount is set per product, so some products might have higher affiliate returns than others, even if they're sold by the same seller.

Highest Earning Affiliate Products
Tuesday May 23, 2017
The 3 DVD Set and at Discounted Price Both The $50 and Up Underground House Book and The Earth-sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book (digital download)
Mike Oehler's Underground Housing and More
E&E Everything Combo
Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible: Ebook + 26 pg. Bonus Asemblies
Wood Gasifier Plans
World Domination Gardening 3-DVD set (video download only, no physical DVDs)
Emergency Home Power - Home and Mobile Battery Bank DIY 4.5 Hour Video
The Rocket Powered Oven: how to build your own super-efficient cooker
Permaculture Principles
Better Wood Heat + Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 = 8-Video Set
Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 4-Video Set Download (no physical DVDs)
Rocket Mass Heater Plans Combo
Electronic Carburetor Workshop: Ebook
Wood Gasifier Plans
340 podcasts + book reviews + micro docs + cards ebook = giant gob of stuff
Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater
Two-Chamber Earthen Oven (cob oven with chimney):
The 3 DVD Set and The Earth-sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book (digital download book at discounted Price )
Mike Oehler's Underground Housing and More
Solar Station: DIY Solar Plans - Ebook DOWNLOAD (not a print book)
Wood Gasifier Plans
The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds
Ancient Mysteries Explained
The Art of Fire - Web format
Hugelkultur Micro Documentary
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How to link to Scubbly as an affiliate

To get credit for sales at Scubbly, just append the "affid" variable to the querystring of any URL at Scubbly, with your ID number as the value.


Original URL:
Affiliate URL:

You can attach an affid to any page on Scubbly.

Earnings reports

All your account activity at Scubbly is reported in the same place. Whether you are a seller, buyer, or affiliate, any transactions that involve a balance of funds at Scubbly are visible in your Account.

How it works

Every page at Scubbly looks for a special variable named "affid" in the querystring - that's the ampersand-delimited name and value pairs that appear after the "?" in a URL. If an affid is found, Scubbly stores its value as a cookie in the user's browser, then redirects the browser to a new URL with the affid removed. This cookie persists for 30 days. When a user checks out and pays for their cart, Scubbly looks for that cookie. If the cookie is yours, then you are credited with affiliate earnings for all the sales in that transaction.

Why sellers should also be affiliates

If you are a seller, you should always append your affid to links that you create to Scubbly. Then when someone buys your product (or anyone else's for that matter), you will be credited with the affiliate earnings for that sale. If you do not add the affid to your links, someone else's cookie may already be in the user's browser, and they will earn the affiliate credit for the sale, even though you were the one who drove that user to the Scubbly.

Advanced Tracking

You want to know which of your marketing campaigns are performing best. Put advanced tracking on your affiliate links, and you'll become a marketing master. There's a section about advanced tracking in the Book of Scubbly where you can learn all about it.